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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PInterview?

PInterview is a service which provides online mock interviews for students, job seekers, aspiring MBAs and young professionals to help them realize their dream of joining top schools and companies by providing them with all the resources they need to be prepared for the final interview.

Who are the Online Interviewers/Consultants?

• Online Interviewers: Your mock interview will be conducted by a current student or an alumnus of the school or working professional from a sector/company for which you have booked the mock interview.

• Online Consultant: A vast network of Academic Alumni and High qualified Professionals from where you can choose and book an online consulting session

We verify the credentials of every Online interviewer/Consultant joining us. Rest assured, you can confidently take the mock sessions from our experts.

What is the timing of online session?

You will select your preferred timeslots for the online session. Our experts will apply for the timeslots that you have provided for the session. We will allocate the timeslot as per your preferences. We suggest you choose at least three timeslots in your preferences.

What services PInterview offer?

We offer mock interview, mock GD, career consulting and language practice sessions online.

Who will call for the interview?

It is the responsibility of the interviewee to call the interviewer at the scheduled time. You will be informed about the details of our expert and scheduled timings in advance.

What are the documents required for an online interview/consulting session?

CV is mandatory. However, having CV and Cover letter/SOP will help the interviewer to conduct the interview more effectively. These documents will help the interviewer ask you more relevant and appropriate questions based on your experience, we encourage the interviewees to provide CV and cover letter/SOP.

What about Privacy?

We treat your information with complete confidentiality. Your CV will only be viewed by the interviewer.

What happens if the interviewer/consultant does not respond to the call at the scheduled time?

All our interviewers/consultants are from top companies and schools in the world. They understand the importance of the mock interviews, as they too have been in this situation when they were applying for their dream school or job. In the situation where the interviewer/consultant has decided not to conduct the session, we will arrange another expert from our vast global network.

What happens if the interview/consulting session does not take place?

PInterview is committed to making the session happen. However, in circumstances where the expert has failed to attend the call, we will return your money or reschedule your interview.

What happens if I don’t call the interviewer/consultant at the scheduled time?

You should appreciate that all the experts are busy individuals and they have allocated time for you. In the case of some unexpected situation , we will try to reschedule the interview provided you give us at least 12 hours notice so that we can inform the experts and plan accordingly. If you fail to inform us before 24 hours however, we cannot issue a refund since the interviewer/consultant will still be waiting for your call.

When should I contact PInterview to reschedule or cancel my scheduled mock interview?

The candidate should write to us at least 12 hours in advance if you would like to reschedule or cancel the interview. An interview booked on PInterview can be taken within specified time period as per plan from the booked date. Any interview not taken within specified time period as per plan from the booked date will expire and hence will not be refundable.

How will the interviewer give the feedback?

• Verbal Feedback: The interviewer will provide you with personalized feedback after the interview so that you know the key areas to focus on during the real interview.

• Performance Report: The interviewer will provide you with detailed feedback on PInterview in graphical form after the interview so that you can refer to it during your interview preparation. You can login into PInterview to check the feedback at any time.

• Please refer CONTACT page of our website.